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YEAR 1998…
Young entrepreneur who has accumulated knowledge , experience and knowledge in industry METİN ŞİRİN ; it wants to establish a workshop by making a breakthrough in filling , labeling and packaging machinery which is empty in our country and imported from abroad...

Although troublesome , by working harder in the last time, it continues to renew itself in the developing and changing demands on the machines needed, following the developments in the world and presenting the machines produced to the appreciation of the Turkish Industrialists.

İt always starts to get the place it deserves in the sector by producing better. Pak filling and packaging machines have become a desired brand and Industry filling , labeling , packaging and all kinds of liquid food machinery Reference accepted.

Ayran,yogurt,jam,honey,fruity,Ice Cream,milk,fruity,cream cheese,Chocolate,water,mineral water,liqueurs,ready-to-eat soup,margarine, liquid soap,Gel,detergent,Lotion,grease,Industrial oils , it continues to produce solutions that will respond to the wide production area, such as industrial production sector.

PAK FİLLİNG; Today, many large companies in domestic and foreign preferences and the solution partner. In these factories, the production process of our company with its own developed technology produced manyMachine production continues smoothly. Ar_ge has invested in its activities and has developed solutions for all kinds of customer requests that have changed as a result.
And today, despite the years that have passed, each employee keeps all the excitement fresh and alive. PAK FİLLİNG; Our country has the right pride of serving industry and industrialists.Our company,which is followed by all kinds of production of other companies in the sector, strives to continue by developing its leading position and technology production.

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