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Faaliyet Alanlarımız

Faaliyet Alanlarımız


*Filling and sealing machines (milk, yoghurt, ayran, butter, cream cheese, margarine, oil, mayonnaise, marmalade, boiled grape juice, soupmix, chocolate, water, mineral water, juice, liquid soap, honey, gel detergent, lotion, grease etc

 *Cover closing machines

 *Date coding machines

 *Sleeve  safety band machines

 *Foil sealing machines

 *Rinsing Machines Food grade fabrications of

(sundry plated and tvbular paseurısers, sundry exchangers, sundry liquid storage tanks, sundry processing tanks, sundry processing equipments, sundry mixers, sundry transportation tanks, sundry filters, sundry deaerators... etc for the food processing companies

 *Thermoforming Packaging Machines

 *Parcel preparation, product loading and banding machines